Are you able to retention your followers or likes or do they drop faster than rain?

News 05:04 April 2024:

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What is your measurement of success online?  Is it the number of followers or likes you have or is it in the increase of your volume of work?  That will depend on a lot of things and your industry, there are industries that measure their level of success by the number of Twitter likes they receive each single day while other do so differently.  Whatever your reason, be sure that you do not overcrowd your page with likes.   Overcrowding only happens if you buy the same from software companies that sell likes to users on social media platform.

There is absolutely no harm from purchasing Twitter likes online.  It’s okay. What you need to do is that it should be gradual and consistent.  It is therefore important to use a tool that will be gradual and consistent in growing your likes.  It helps you measure your level of success than if you have to overcrowd your likes and leave other days blank.  Then, you also need to look at your retention rates.  This you can do by checking through your retention report.