How is Instagram Unique from other Sites?

News 08:03 March 2024:

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You probably already know that Instagram is a sister company to Facebook, and that you can share you best moments images, videos or other people’s photos and enjoy the interactions and ‘likes’ that come with it. But did you know that images and videos posted on this social network are permanent? Well, read the article below to learn more about unique features you’ve probably never heard of, and some that will make you want to be careful with what you post on your Instagram account from today.

Instagram share multiple features with other social media websites, but there are a handful of characteristics that are unique to this website, and most of them are positive features you could benefit from. But before then, here are some Instagram facts you should know.

  • Instagram attracts about 400 million active users every month
  • Each day, there are more than 70 million photos posted on Instagram
  • About 75% of Instagram users live outside of the US.
  • 75% Instagram users are aged 34 and below. Actually about 41% of the users are aged below 24 years.
  • The Instagram like icon is pressed about 2.5 billion times each day.

With these facts in mind, it is correct to say that Instagram is one of the most popularly used website in the world. It must be very unique then, you may say. However, have you ever wondered why this site is so popular among young people? What makes it special that people overlook many other social networks to spend time on Instagram? Below are the reasons.

Instagram helps you post high Quality Images

Instagram has lots of filters to help edit your images before you can post them; a great feature that help its users post a lot of beautiful pictures every day. In addition, there are plenty of other image editing apps that are geared to assisting Instagram users post high quality pictures on the site. In the end, these users are able to interact with other users better, because most of the images posted on the network will be appealing and probably worth liking. To business people, the ability to post high quality images increases your chances of capturing the attention of potential customers on the network.

The Instagram Hashtag is Powerful


While there are several other websites that allow the use of hashtags on their site to enable users to reach out to more people, the hashtags on these other sites’ isn’t always as powerful as when used on Instagram. To marketers for instance, the use of hashtags acts as links to more customers and to more appropriate customers in that case. Hashtags on Instagram are also a great deal to anyone else looking for more followers and likes. They help you reach out to people who may be interested in what you post, and also help you increase your interaction with more users.

Seamless Integration with other Sites

One of the best things about Instagram is that it offers a seamless experience that could expand to other websites like Facebook with no hiccups at all. Actually, the relationship between Facebook and Instagram is a special blessing you can’t get from any other site. To start with, you can market your account to the more than one billion Facebook users worldwide. You can also extend your marketing adventures on Instagram to other websites with ease; and this will mean more eyes on your adverts at a much lower cost.

The Level of Engagement is much higher

On Instagram, free Instagram Video Views can be attained via marketing and interactions. And you know what? People love to look at images. This means therefore that people are often more interested at scrolling through appealing and entertaining visuals on their Instagram accounts than on other sites. In the end, people will be more attracted to comment on visual content and get moved by it than on plain text. Note also that the engagement level on people on Instagram tends to be higher even when you may have fewer followers than in other sites.f2

User Friendliness

Instagram has grown from 150 million active users two years ago to more than 300 million active users as at now. That was quite fast, right? Well, people couldn’t be moving into Instagram at such large numbers if the site was boring and user unfriendly. Navigating through the Instagram features for instance is easy. Using and managing Instagram’s filter functions is quick and easy as well. Again, you can access the Instagram website whenever you feel like it with a quick log in procedure, and you will find posts from your followers as well as their comments and their reactions  to your previous posts. And the ease of using the Instagram website doesn’t stop there. Liking a post on the site for instance is as easy as tapping on your favorite image twice. On the other hand, uploading images on the site or deleting them is lightning fast.

Plenty of Unique Features

One of the most unique features of Instagram is that offers more than one way to make your experience on their site memorable. As of today, there are about twenty different and unique features that make managing your account and navigating through the site enjoyable. To start with, you can manage the use of filters; something that could increase your experience on the site tenfold. So, if you have often had the challenge of filters clogging your filter strip, head onto the ‘manage’ gear icon below the filters and manage them. On the other hand, you choose what posts and messages to go public. To enjoy this function, simply head onto the box icon at the right corner of the website and you could start private conversations with your friends at any moment.

As you may have noted, Instagram is more than a social media app. It is one of the greatest sites to market, share news, make money from and interact with people with ease and convenience. It is also a likable site, with lots of friendly people and entertaining content.