How Teenage Twitter Users protect themselves from Online Bullying

News 06:04 April 2024:

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Everyone knows the world is full of savages and child bullies. In fact, millions of parents in the country live worried over the dangers their young kids and teens can face as they explore the Internet. However, there are thousands of teens who have discovered ways to thrive on twitter, attract thousands of followers and twitter likes without anyone discovering their age. So, how do they do it?

Thanks to twitter, you don’t have to place your correct age and bio details to own a twitter account. Second, with many anti-cyber bullying campaigns being launched every day, teens have become proactive to avoid getting victimized on social platforms. For starters, a majority of them are careful with whom they follow or associate with on twitter. If they have to go public, they are more popular with their fellow teens and often tend to avoid interactions with older guys. Teens are however fine with figures they deem mentors, and they are shaping the way twitter is used at times.