4 Twitter Mistakes that often Cost Big Companies Followers

News 04:04 April 2024:

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Once your reputation is damaged on twitter, building trust with people again could take years. When you are a business, a bad reputation could not only cost you nearly all your free followers, but could contribute to a decrease in your profits for months and years. You therefore want to avoid the following twitter mistakes even when you are just a simple digital advertiser.
Tweeting about old news, recycling old jokes or posting anything that could prove annoying to your followers should be things your twitter manager should always avoid. When you are a small news website which often posts news after all other media sites for instance, your chances of growing your following on this social network is very unlikely. Recycling jokes on the other hand could make people mock or not be serious with you. However, what could drastically make you lose your twitter following or client base in a day is annoying twitter users. Posting racist, sexist or tweets that may prove annoying in any way is definitely something any business should strive to avoid.